The Art of Procrastination

Nothing like being caught short is there? Not on ideas or inspiration, but on priorities mostly, and time. I got carried away with one piece of writing and forgot about another. That other being, err…this blog. So this rather short fragment is really just a placeholder for something better (hopefully!) to arrive in the next few days.

Now normally I’d attribute this to writers’ block – a familiar enemy of any writer, especially with a deadline looming. Except that I was writing, and I have given myself permission to write whatever and wherever my muse takes me. Which is fine, but that deadline was still lurking in the back of my mind, along with associated guilt. So Wednesday morning I finally put aside my other work, (having rather conveniently reached a bit of an impasse after days of zealous scribbling) started to give attention to this blog and was almost immediately distracted by a fascinating article on …procrastination. Do give it a read, seriously – debunks the myth about procrastination being related to poor time management and actually more aligned with managing emotions. Could explain my entire life as a serial avoider! Which brings us closer to the real source of the problem. Avoidance. Also – how’s the irony of procrastinating via the very subject itself! I should get an award for that sort of ingenuity, surely?

Anyway…what to write about? Lots of ideas in my head but none jumping out at me, or none that didn’t require some research that would push my commitment back even further. So my page remained, stubbornly, blank. 

And then I thought…Why not read over older pieces I’d written, searching for some sort of inspiration? Which could be mistaken for yet more stalling, but often this tactic has led me off in different renewed writing directions, so it’s at least worth exploring, right?

 And TA-DA!! 

I did stumble across an old anecdote from my travels, one I have hilariously regaled my friends with many times over the years. To clarify THEY laughed and deemed it comical, not me projecting onto them. Although it is, trust me, kind of funny – even more so because it is absolutely true to form and most of you who know me well will recognise this, complete with requisite groans and face palming. For those readers who don’t know me well, or even at all…welcome to the mass of contradictions, dubious decisions and over-indulgence amongst various other little quirks and foibles, that is ME !!

I have a bunch of these tales from a specific period in my life, documenting my travels through Europe and America, and everyday life living in England and Ireland providing a riotous series of adventures that I thankfully captured in a daily or at least regular journal, size and intensity of hangover permitting.

I will warn you…these stories when they surface are entirely unfiltered, completely non-PC and peppered with colourful language so if you have delicate sensibilities…exit NOW.  They’re also written as if I’m telling the story (not writing it) and so contain precious little grammar and the like.

The one I first want to share, does need a little editing though so do be patient for a day or two dear reader, whilst I tart up an old tale I hope you’ll enjoy. And while you’re being understanding, ponder this…a blog mostly about procrastination, which is in itself an exercise in hedging, buying myself some more time to present you with something more worthy. If that isn’t turning procrastination into an art form…I don’t know what is!

See you in a few days.

Littlebird x

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Welcome to littlebird tweets and lime tyger. I hope you like what you find here. No apologies for what I publish - Life's too short for hiding in the shadows and leaving things unsaid.

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