Dean Owens ‘Sinner’s Shrine’ emerges from the desert sands with intoxicating appeal

Sinner’s Shrine and desert dreams Sinner’s Shrine (El Tiradito) in Tucson Arizona, serves as the inspiration for the title of Dean Owens new album. Its history runs through the album, a sinner who died for love, and prayers of the heartbroken, the dispossessed. The deserts of America have long held a place in Dean’s heart andContinue reading “Dean Owens ‘Sinner’s Shrine’ emerges from the desert sands with intoxicating appeal”

Henry’s lockdown tunes capture everyone’s feelings right now

No matter where you sit on COVID, lockdown, vaccination debates, everyone can relate to local Melbourne legend Henry Wagons’ new tunes released July 23rd. Henry is an unfailingly generous personality, possessed of a keen mind and an ability to produce songs that tap into the prevailing psyche and resonate with us all. And that’s exactlyContinue reading “Henry’s lockdown tunes capture everyone’s feelings right now”

Monique Brumby’s talent bears fruit again with new single ‘Tom Deliver’

The opening bars to ‘Tom Deliver’ sound like a dirge, a funeral procession mourning the death of inspiration. The music and the vocal are slow and leaden like it’s an effort to even crawl out of bed. It’s a sensation familiar to every artist at some point in their creative life, and captured so wellContinue reading “Monique Brumby’s talent bears fruit again with new single ‘Tom Deliver’”

Lime Tyger talks: Just wash your hands Karen…

(Apologies to all the Karens’ out there…) Well, these here are crazy times! People going nuts over toilet paper and hoarding groceries ahead of an imminent lock down in Australia, indeed the world. It feels like we are a world away from the compassion and giving we displayed as a nation during the recent bushfireContinue reading “Lime Tyger talks: Just wash your hands Karen…”

Introducing Lime Tyger

Hello all, littlebird here…happy Saturday! This is just a quick note to introduce one of my other ventures Lime Tyger. Lime Tyger specialises in natural health, beauty and home cleaning solutions and our philosophy centres around kindness to our environment. Essential oils, natural and organic bases form the core of our products in support ofContinue reading “Introducing Lime Tyger”

It’s a Wrap – February 2020 (part 1)

What a weird and wonderful month…well it was for me anyway. Some fabulous gigs though and also…new music, plus film, art, comedy – I really am living my best art life at the minute.❤️❤️ And, just because I’m never shy of a word or thousand…this month’s wrap is split in to two parts so IContinue reading “It’s a Wrap – February 2020 (part 1)”

Always take the weather with you…

I’ve had a blog on climate change in my head for some time…having spent the summer watching Australia burn and then flood, watching the aftermath  of this on my fellow country men, women and children.  But – what to write and, when? I sat on this topic for a while for several reasons. I found it hard toContinue reading “Always take the weather with you…”

Turning on the light…

I have deadlines looming…mostly to a self-imposed timeline so I can easily ignore them. But they gnaw at my mind …I want to keep the promises I made to myself and will feel like a failure if I don’t. We all have days when we can’t be arsed, and our motivation is lacking – youContinue reading “Turning on the light…”

It’s a Wrap – January 2020

Hello there music lovers, time for my monthly wrap up of what’s been happening around the traps, or more specifically… what I have been up to during January 2020. Kicked off 2020 on 7 January not with a gig, but a documentary presented by Films for Change ‘John and Yoko: Above us Only Sky’ on the making of Lennon’sContinue reading “It’s a Wrap – January 2020”

Forays Into the Mystic

As promised in my last blog, I’ve shaken off the procrastination vibes, and offer up an old story that’s been hanging around for quite a while. It begins with me, stuck in London in the 1980s during an unusually hot summer,  rolling transport strikes which although warranted (this is after all, set in the timeContinue reading “Forays Into the Mystic”