Introducing Lime Tyger

Hello all, littlebird here…happy Saturday!

This is just a quick note to introduce one of my other ventures Lime Tyger. Lime Tyger specialises in natural health, beauty and home cleaning solutions and our philosophy centres around kindness to our environment. Essential oils, natural and organic bases form the core of our products in support of our values.

Right now, there is a real problem with people world wide being able to source basic cleaning essentials from retailers, even wholesalers due to panic buying, stock piling due to fears surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s important that everyone has access to cleaning products particularly hand soap and sanitizers to to kill and limit spread of the disease (in conjunction with social distancing and other measures) Lime Tyger has some good information to share in relation to alternatives, but I need to get it out there fast!

I’m setting up a separate page and blog for this, but the criticality of some of the information I want to share is over running my production pace, so I am linking Lime Tyger to littlebird tweets temporarily so I can share stuff fast and furiously. I hope you find some of the information useful, or can share with people who might. I’ll tag the blogs so it’s easy to see what’s Lime Tyger as opposed to littlebird’s tweets, and will separate them as soon as I can (after all no one wants a cat amongst the birds do they?)

Peace and love,

littlebird xx

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Welcome to littlebird tweets and lime tyger. I hope you like what you find here. No apologies for what I publish - Life's too short for hiding in the shadows and leaving things unsaid.

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